How our Coaching MO Turns Dreams into Reality

We all have dreams—those big, shiny goals that float around in our minds as we’re about to fall asleep or while we’re caught in traffic. You’ve probably had thoughts like, “I wish I could strut down the beach feeling great,” or “I want to be able to play with my kids—or grandkids, or even my dog—without running out of breath.” Maybe you’ve wished for your doctor to give you the all-clear on your health, or dreamed of finishing a 10K without any pain.

But too often, these dreams don’t make it past the fantasy stage. [Cue the sad violin music.] We’re not into letting dreams fizzle out, though.

What makes Superpower stand apart? Our approach to transform those lofty, sometimes vague dreams into achievable realities the GSPA system, standing for Goal, Skill, Practice, and Daily Action.

Here’s how it works: You begin with a Goal, that vibrant dream you’re aiming for. Next, we identify the Skills you need to achieve it. Then comes Practice, which involves improving bit by bit every day. Finally, Daily Action ensures you’re consistently working towards your goal, building a bridge from where you are now to where you want to be.

Let’s walk through a sample goal to illustrate: Suppose you want to feel energized all day to enjoy evenings with your family. A great goal, and entirely achievable with our GSPA method.

The skill here would be ‘get enough sleep.’ Simple, right? However, the execution is where many stumble. You would start practicing by establishing a nightly sleep ritual—perhaps it involves winding down quietly or drinking some chamomile tea, anything that helps you drift off to sleep.

For your daily action, you might set a reminder to turn off all screens by 9 PM. This step is crucial—it’s not just about turning off gadgets and filling up your kettle with water; it’s about signaling your body that it’s time to wind down and get ready for rest.

This structured approach is essential because having a vision or a clear goal by itself isn’t enough. You need to define and commit to the specific, regular actions that will lead you to your objectives. By sticking to these strategic daily actions, you’re not only reaching your goals but also building the skills that turn those goals into lasting habits.

At Superpower, we excel in breaking down goals into such actionable steps – complete with motivation, accountability and support systems. This ensures that your fitness and health goals are backed by a clear, actionable plan to turn it into reality, making sure your dreams don’t just stay dreams.

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